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This law firm is a “debt relief agency” as defined by federal law. In addition to helping people avoid bankruptcy, our services also include helping people and businesses obtain relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Our practice handles all matters related to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement and Reduction.

The Crowder Law Center, located in Los Angeles, California, represents individuals and businesses with too much debt. We let them know their legal rights and options, and help them select the method that is best for them.

Debt Settlement

Crowder Law Center has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses avoid bankruptcy or lawsuits by contacting their creditors and negotiating payment plans and/or settlements. Because we maintain good communication with your creditors, they will often accept a substantial reduction on the amount you owe. Debt Settlement is an option for someone who cannot afford to pay the full amount of their debt, but want to pay something toward it, while avoiding bankruptcy and continued creditor harassment. We offer a 5 Step Debt Settlement Plan that we formulated for those looking to reduce their debt by 50%. For those looking to reduce their debt as much as possible, there are other programs that are better for you, such as a Bankruptcy or Asset Protection. Read more…

Creditor "Hold-Off"

Crowder Law Center offers those being harassed by debt collectors some “breathing room” through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). In most cases, we can hold your creditors off for a period of time, while you find a new job, reorganize your business, or whatever else you may need to do to find a way out of your predicament. Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has an ongoing effort to curtail abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices, which have been known to cause various forms of consumer injury. This could include anything resulting in emotional distress, invasions of privacy, and the payment of amounts that are not owed, which severely hampers the consumers’ ability to function effectively at work, and placing consumers deeper in debt. Read more…

Lawsuit Defense

No one enjoys being sued, but it’s not the end of the world! You may have valid legal defenses that could save you a bundle of money. If not, there is still usually plenty of room for negotiation. If you do want to defend the lawsuit, here are some defenses that can be raised.

  • Service of Process
  • Statute of Limitations
  • Is the Defendant Liable for the Debt?
  • Can the Creditor Prove the Case?

Before agreeing simply to settle a lawsuit or deciding to file for bankruptcy, you should discuss your options with a lawsuit defense attorney. Crowder Law Center in Los Angeles offers free consultations to help you weigh your legal options and decide what route is best for you. Read more…

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Our experienced bankruptcy attorney will be able to discuss your financial situation and advise you as to what options you have. Not everyone qualifies for a Chapter 7. If you qualify to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you may be able to eliminate most, if not all of your debt. Most people who file a Chapter 7 are allowed to keep all of their property. Under the new bankruptcy law, all debtors must take a "means test." The bottom line is that if your income is above the average for your state, OR if you can afford to pay more than $100 per month to your creditors after all of your reasonable expenses are taken into consideration, then you will probably not be allowed to file a Chapter 7. Read more…

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you do not qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, then you can most likely file a Chapter 13 which can offer a manageable financial solution. Under which you will pay off all, or a portion of your debts over a three to five year period. Under this, Chapter 13 bankruptcy will protect any assets you have from repossession and foreclosure, release your unsecured debts and force the IRS to take an interest-free payment plan you can afford. With many people struggling from economic hardship, Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers an effective and manageable solution for regaining financial stability by allowing you to establish a single monthly payment. Read more…

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is similar to Chapter 13 in many ways. This process, known as “business reorganization,” can keep a struggling business alive, by holding off its creditors while it reorganizes its operations. It can also be used by an individual whose debt limit is too high for a Chapter 13. This type of bankruptcy can only be filed by an individual who has secured debts, like mortgages or loans on automobiles or equipment, that are less than $1,081,400, and unsecured debts of less than $360,475. These amounts are adjusted periodically to reflect changes in the consumer price index. Read more…

Divorce Counsel

Having a conflict with your spouse can be a sensitive situation which can uproot you and your entire family’s life. When separation or divorce is in debate, this can create an even higher level of stress for your family. The foundation you built around your children, work, financial stability and even your social life can feel like it is in jeopardy. Crowder Law Center has established a reputation for helping clients through this kind of difficult circumstance. You don’t just need someone to talk to, you need someone who will understand your situation and help offer the best solution possible for you and your family. Read more…

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In today’s unstable economic state, more and more people are looking for a way out of their financial hardships. The process of filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming in itself. Not to mention the stresses can carry over into other areas of your life, work, family, even your social life. Considering financial recovery options requires an attorney who is qualified in bankruptcy and debt relief matters to guide you through the process. Our experienced bankruptcy attorney will be able to discuss your financial situation and advise you as to what options you have. Whether you’re looking into bankruptcy itself or finding an alternative strategy which suits your unique situation, contact the Crowder Law Center and speak to an experienced bankruptcy and debt settlement attorney in Los Angeles.

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