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We provide support to our colleagues in a number of ways.

Free and low cost MCLE for California attorneys

We provide no cost or low cost MCLE courses related to debt settlement. Complete the contact us form below for more information. Check out our most popular MCLE titled "Debt Settlement for Bankruptcy Attorneys." This MCLE discusses how attorneys may broaden their services, thus giving their clients viable alternatives to bankruptcy.

Books available to attorneys to assist you in your debt relief practice

Douglas Crowder, utilizing his 30 plus years of experience in debt relief has authored two books that assist attorneys in establishing their debt relief practice and in assisting clients in defending collection lawsuits.

Lawsuit Survival 101: An A to Z Guide to Defending a Collection Lawsuit:  This 120 page book covers every step to defending a collection lawsuit and comes complete with exhibits illustrating how to draft appropriate documents.

An Attorney’s Blueprint to Starting a Debt Relief Practice:  This step by step guide covers what an attorney needs to know to start a debt relief practice.  It includes 12.5 hours of MCLE credit.

Please contact our office, 800-955-1592 at any time to get a copy of one of our books.

Free or low cost consultations for California attorneys

We provide consultations to attorneys relating to debt relief matters. In many cases, this is at no cost or very little cost, depending on the amount of time needed. It is our philosophy that society benefits when professionals work together to improve their skills, knowledge, and level of service to their clients. If we can help you improve your services and also your firm, then our firm will be improved likewise. Call it karma if you like.

Litigation services, adversarial litigation

We are available to provide litigation services to your clients. We have experience in both defending and prosecuting adversarial proceedings in bankruptcy. We respect your relationship with your client and will deliver high quality service to them.

Sharing resources and links

Both clients and colleagues are encouraged to link to our site, blogs, videos, white papers, MCLE and articles as they may desire. We ask that you attribute such data to Crowder Law Center or Douglas Crowder. Please feel free to share your comments and your own resources ad links with us. Like you, we are always striving to improve our services and skills; professional courtesy and support is a vital part of this endeavor.

Contact us: Please note in the comments if you are interested in our MCLE. We will send you a complete list of MCLE and pricing.

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