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You have committed one of the greatest crimes in the universe.  You ran short of money!  Now, you have been served with a lawsuit by one of your creditors!  You imagine the horrible consequences:  You will be hauled, in chains, before a harsh judge and mercilessly grilled with embarrassing questions.  A scowling deputy sheriff will show up at your door step to seize what few personal possessions you still own.  Your bank accounts will disappear.  You will lose your job.  You will be tied to a stake in the public square where people will spit at you.  You may even be hauled off to jail for a few years!

Well, it truly isn’t that bad.

  • Discover your options in a collection lawsuit; Yes, you have options!
  • Our guide has a glossary of legal terms to help you understand what is happening
  • Learn how you might even save money in a lawsuit
  • How can creditors collect from you
  • Learn how to enforce your rights!

You can survive a collection lawsuit.  Download our Free Guide and find out how!

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